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Author:  HJM [ Thu Jul 07, 2005 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  RhB train length

Hi all,

The standard/basic length of an Albula express train has been mentioned in one thread, but it bears repeating since many people believe that prototypical consists can only be run on the largest layouts.

The Eisenbahn-Amateur listed the following as the standard Albula consist for 2005:

    Engine, baggage, three 2ndClass coaches, two 1stClass coaches

Gion Caprez added that this has already been the case for approx. 12 years.

The two basic consists for passenger trains prior to that - in the era when there were still local passenger trains on the Albula line - were like this:

    Engine, baggage, 1st/2ndClass coach, 2ndClass coach for the local trains (this was called a small consist)

    Engine, baggage, two 2ndClass coaches, 1stClass coach for the express trains (this was called a large consist)

Basically the same applied to the Disentis and the Davos lines.

One doesn't necessarily need a "monster train" to model the RhB. "Small" can be beautiful!

Noch vorher - zu der Zeit als auch noch Regionalz?ge auf der Ablbulalinie liefen - gab es:
    "Kleine Komposition" = Lok, Gep?ck, Erst/Zweitklass-Wagen, Zweitklass-Wagen f?r die Regionalz?ge.

    "Grosse Komposition"= Lok, Gep?ck, zwei Zweitklass-Wagen, ein Erstklass-Wagen f?r die Schnellz?ge.

Wie man sieht, selbst im Modell - egal welcher Ma?stab - braucht es nicht einen "riesigen" Zug um das Typische nachzustellen. :wink: :wink:

Author:  Chris Harnett [ Wed May 09, 2007 4:00 pm ]
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Oh this is so close to my heart. I am a pre 1950 RhB modeller with exceptions for a Glacier Express set ( non prototypical, too short coaches, Grrrr!) and my Bernina modern stuff, mostly scratchbuilt. Short consists did and do run on the RhB, the old Engadine trains, no steurwagens here, ran with 3 coaches and a gepackwagen. Think of the consequences, RhB, of the crash in the Ruinalta if that was a Steurerwagen headed train. Scrap them NOW.

Now here is a rant, gepackwagens, come on most trains have them, so where is F 1-4 or F 4061, D 4025, D2 4037 etc. You can get a good one from Magnus but with the wrong colour underframes and the script is yellow not white Arrrrh!!

Would it not be nice to repro. the mixed passenger goods, croc hauled? The gepackwagen (red) is available from LGB, the green gepackwagen from Magnus, the coach??? An EHW1 ? no chance, the B2271? again no chance but at least the goods stock is available, well was.

Author:  Mike Thomas [ Thu May 10, 2007 1:41 am ]
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Favo(u)rite consist on today's RhB:
the first train from Chur in the morning which arrives Filisur at about 06.10
- a modernday 'GmP'. 1x B, Haik-v(normally Kuoni), a couple of LB-v and whatever else needs to be moved.Most importantly a Ge 6/6" at the front.

Author:  ritter - John N [ Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:32 am ]
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since things are a bit slow on the forum these days, I thought I'd ask: with the glacier and the bernina express trains...what's a typical consist: is there a minimum number of cars?
Many photos I've seen have a ratio of two 2nd class to one first class, but this may have varied greatly over the years. Since I've just got the modern, not the era iv, but the 33670 type coaches, I'm wondering what would be a regular consist, so I can see what I can make with what I've got. (including one 3068 restaurant car....)
I've been collecting mainly the Bernina express cars, so that's the one I'll do first, I also have some green coaches, I could use those for the Glacier express, earlier circa.
It looks like locals can be just about anything.

Author:  Mike Thomas [ Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:38 am ]
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your question re the Bernina Express, found this:
Dabei lassen sich immer wieder interessante Zugkompositionen beobachten (Bernina Express: Ge 4/4 I, bzw. 2 ABe 4/4, 4 B-Pano, 2 A-Pano. Panoramazug: Ge 4/4 I, 2 B-Pano, As 1171, A-Pano).
(? www.rail-info.ch )

Author:  ritter - John N [ Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:47 am ]
Post subject: 

thanks Mike,
I can put some of those together soon. I'll check out the website, too.
It'll also vary on how many Peiser figures I can put on the platform. supply and demand you know. :wink:

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