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Electric Loco hand rail colours
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Author:  Chris Harnett [ Tue May 15, 2007 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Electric Loco hand rail colours

Now I know the liveries and scripts has got the brains working flat out but here is another. The hand rails of the electric locos were painted off white, or does anyone know to the contrary? I am convinced they were so when did they change to yellow and did the Ge4/4Is and 6/6IIs come delivered with white ones? This is vital knowledge for the correct painting of models and dates them.
Now boys take out your Schweers+Walls and open at page one hundred and give me the declension of Furna

Furna Furna Furnam ........ ......Furnis Furnis, quid erat demonstrandum, show you for a pound.

"It is definitely RhBitis doctor, he's obsessed"

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