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 Post subject: So... about Pullman...
PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:46 pm 

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So, maybe this is me stepping on a 3rd rail... but here goes: What's the deal with Pullman? :-??

2015 they announce with fanfare.
We will be getting the Abe 4/4 IIs and the Fds
Some experts extol the great future as this range may include multiple freight cars by Gunnar Mueller
Details include multiple paint schemes for both items.
So far - this is all great! The future looks bright! :ymparty:

2016 the Fds arrive - people are disappointed with details - moulded in vs. individual appliances - some dealers claim they are returning the entire stock for refunds. End users seem to complain as well. (Disclaimer: I got one car, I like it - wish I had more).
Ok - so some people can't be pleased... still, new offerings so that's never a bad thing. :ymhug:

2017 they announce the BEX cars. Additional Abe 4/4 paint schemes are offered.
Starting to worry this is just the "re-run the KISS stuff" company, but holding out hope... :-s

2018 the BEX cars arrive - we see there are major issues - plastic is no better, the AC unit is improperly located, some shipping damage
So - what the hell? :ymtongue:

In just 3.5 years, we go from celebrating the arrival of a new manufacturer who will make "models" vs. "toys" to an eBay filled with inaccurate passenger cars and nothing exciting on the horizon.

    Was this an overly jubilant group of modelers that misunderstood who Pullman was?
    Was this Pullman offering the best and making promises, and then cutting corners along the way to push out "meh" products on the cheap?
    Were there well-meaning people leading the product range that were dismissed mid-way through?

It just feels like, with MLGB continuing to barely acknowledge "modelers" and the alternative being the Scheba, Herba, Magnus, etc... Pullman was perfectly positioned to own the market (much the way Accurcraft's AMS product line came in and dominated the plastic model market for US narrow gauge, where Brass had been the only real option for all the years prior).

Is Pullman dead? Will we see any real innovation from them (or Kiss, or ???) or are we all doomed to a life of MLGB repaints, and KISS re-runs in the "ready to run" market for the foreseeable future?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:01 pm 
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No third rail, no sparks.

Pullman is a sorry story. Gunnar Müller, formerly with BRAWA, left and started a RhB line in 1:150 N.

While Pullman looked very promising, I sure would like to know who actually produced those items. Spotty at best and pathetic at worst.
Oh well, if only I would have won the lottery (big time) I would have started something in 1:22.5 RhB. But I didn't because I don't buy lottery tickets. =)) =))

Yeah I know, there's a joke around that theme.

What will we see? My crystal ball is in need of a polish, as are my glasses. Same old, same old seems to be the trend. X( X(



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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:07 pm 

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Ahhh... so Gunnar leaving makes sense - didn't know that. :-?
(Also didn't know that was his N scale line... been looking at some of those cars myself!)

It just feels so wasted... the idea that we could get some simple cars, not even rare or exotic ones - just some basic vehicles that LGB can't, or won't, make would have been so nice (and at a price point I would have bought 3 or 4 of each I suspect).

I wonder if there will be anything further from them at all... or have we seen all they will produce.
(I'd wonder if we'll see another round of Abe 4/4 ii's in new paint - or, oddly, one wonders if the canceled Tm 2/2 and Abe 4/4/ iii's that KISS announced and abandoned might migrate over to Pullman in a few years - much like the Panos and Abe 4/4 ii?)

If I win the lottery, I'll hire you to run my new train company HJ! ;)


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