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Materials required












  • 1/2" Pressure treated plywood

Local lumber yard


  • 12mm x 8mm Red Cedar ties



  • Paper template

Draw you own


  • Code 215 Brass rail

Terog or other supplier


  • Micro Engineering spikes 1/2" (30102)

Local hobby shop


  • #6 x 3/4" solid brass Robertson woodscrews

Local hardware store


  • Brass wire 3/64" dia

Local hobby shop


  • Printed Circuit Board Material (.060")

Electronic parts supplier


  • EverGreen styrene .020"

Local hobby shop


  • Wood stains

Local hardware store


  • CA adhesive

Industrial supply house or hobby shop


  • Electronic solder

Electronic parts supplier


  • Emery cloth (120 & 240 Grit)

Industrial supply house







Tools required












  • 4" Benchvise w/ smooth jaws

If you don't have one yet, you really need one for all those other projects, too!


  • Hacksaw



  • Counter sink drill for #6 woodscrews

This is a really handy tool for other jobs as well.


  • Large and small flat files

They need to be in good condition unless you want to work extra hard!


  • LARGE soldering iron or gun

150W is the minimum


  • Needlenose pliers

To push in the spikes.


  • Small hammer

To set the spikes and for adjustments.


  • Drift punch 1/8"

To set the spikes.


  • Screwdriver blade insert

To adjust the rail position.


  • Hobby scalpel

To trim and shape the styrene strips.


  • Track gauges

Both for the standard track width and for the flange ways.


  • Electric drill

To drill the anchor screw holes.




And last but not least,  patience!!

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