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The oldest of the cabs started out as a MX 2 and was upgraded to the newer MX 21 version. Works but is not really the cat’s meow as far as GUI goes














Very handy since it is Controller and mini command station in one.














Fullfledged radio cab with the proper MX31 GUI














The modern radio cab that is designed for the MX10






ACER Iconia Tab 7”







One of the experiments to run trains without paying Mega dollars buying more of the ZIMO MX 31FU cabs. Two of the tabs averaged out at $150 each, it was just a matter of waiting for the price to come down and the “next-best, new and improved” model being just around the corner.


The actual experimenting will start next week and I am curious to see how easy and responsive this will work via the Train Controller Bronze software. To maximize the WiFi coverage — as most people know even the best WiFi routers will only penetrate through x number of walls and floors or for that matter transmit/receive over a certain distance — the scheme involves two repeaters. One of them in the proximity of the railway computer and close to “Preda”. The second one will be placed on the balcony which should cover the rest of the layout. How the theory works in practice is to be determined, but having the repeater out in the open should help.



Most of us know that theory may differ considerably from practice/actuality. It definitely applied to the ACER tabs working with  Freiwald’s Smart Hand i.e. Smart Hand is not all that smart as I found out trying it with both the ACER Tabs and the BLU Smartphone. 


According to Freiwald the fault will always lay with the WiFi gizmo, since there are so many variations.


Would I agree? No, since I’m sure I could try any variety of iOS or Android gizmos and the latency of that SmartHand server would not improve. But since it’s the customer’s problem there is no problem. As far as I’m concerned not ready for the big time in the garden!






BLU 5” Smartphone







After many years of resistance to the Smartphone trend — my main excuse being that I’m not smart enough for a Smartphone — that changed when the previous cellphone hit the hotel toilet at the start of one of our trips.


But since I don’t use the phone all that much I stayed with what one of our “buy X dollars of time” outfit offers. Luckily the locals didn’t have the item in stock and I ordered it at a better price from Amazon.


Inexpensive but doing the required job just fine — apart from being a phone, it also allows me to fly my drones and run our trains. Android rocks!






Aoson 7” Phablets replace the ACER Tabs






Since the ACER tabs couldn’t be upgraded to a newer OS it was time to look at suitable, inexpensive alternatives.